Underfloor Heating Installation

As experts in the installation of electric underfloor heating systems, we are able to offer professional advice, guidance and installation with regards to all aspects of floor preparation, insulation and element / control equipment.

There are countless benefits to under floor heating compared to conventional methods:

- The heat is more controllable on a room-by-room basis, which is more efficient
- The heat is provided where it is needed most and allows a cooler (and fresher) room temperature
- No radiators around the room
- Stone and ceramic floors are a pleasure to walk on

Because our system is so responsive and safe we try to get the heating element as close to the surface as possible. That means that on carpeted floors we fit the element between the underlay and the carpet and on ceramic or stone floors it is fitted just below the tile Adhesive.

The main features of our system over and above other floor heating systems are:

- Full installation service provided by our team of qualified engineers

- More than 20 Year proven track record world wide

- Liaise directly with project team and customer as required

- Provide technical advice with respect to floor preparation, insulation, electrical specifications, etc.

- Provide the floor layer with ideal conditions. Installation includes encapsulating the element within a protective high polymer / latex screed - Supply primary heating up to 250 watt / m2

- Heat even the coldest north facing conservatories all year round Bespoke system design ensuring 100% of available floor area heated therefore no cold spots

- All types of final floor finish can be heated including ceramic, stone, wood, carpet and vinyl

- Only approved supplier of under-floor heating for Amtico floors

- Extensive range of control devices for efficient and responsive use of the system

- Full after sales support including annual maintenance contracts and technical support ensuring customers will always have a fully functional heating system.