Today's kitchens are much more than just areas to cook in. We all like to socialise while we prepare food or even just sit for cosy chats over tea or coffee. The kitchen is now one of the most important rooms in the house.

Add the ingredient of our advanced underfloor heating and your kitchen will be a much more comfortable place.

With our system you can have warm feet while you're cooking as well. Stone floors will feel much cosier overall and walking around in bare feet will be much more comfortable than you ever imagined.

Using our technology we provide an ideal form of heating for stone, tile, wood and vinyl flooring, it is fully waterproof and is covered by a second layer of DuPont Tefzel, so you need have no worries about accidental spillages. The system is perfectly safe even in the event of a flood.

The systems are designed to avoid your kitchen units and only heat the areas you need, this way you can design your heating to suit your kitchen and lifestyle.

Underfloor heating provides a much more even heat. Just think - a kitchen with no more cold spots. All our customers comment on how much more their family enjoys getting together for meals and socialising - with our system keeping them warm.

We don't use off the shelf heating mats which leave customers disappointed, we lay our own cable in the most efficient shape for your room.

Better technology. Better service. Better results.